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Barafundle Bay

Gray day on Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay cliffs and waves

Barafundle Bay cliffs and waves

Gull on a rock, Barafundle Bay

Gull on a rock, Barafundle Bay

It’s been a while since I updated this website, but I thought I would do so with one of the more well known places in Pembrokeshire, Barafundle Bay. A place famed in the London press for its ‘seclusion and remoteness’; well by my standards it was total gridlock, lol. On the days I’ve been, there is a steady stream of at least… ohh, I dunno, about 15 people coming and going – yeah exactly – it’s crowded 😉 Lol. Anyway, my own snobbery about not having the beautiful Welsh coastline all to myself aside (lol), Barafundle Bay is undoubtedly a stunning place. Something that strikes me everytime I go, is no matter how gray the day, the water is always so blue and luminous.

One can be assured that next time I will resume to normal scheduling and bring you one of the more obscure and remote place in the gorgeous, stunning and mesmerizing Welsh landscape.

7 Responses to “Gray day on Barafundle Bay”

  1. Linda

    Not a soul in sight! Just the way I like it. Beautiful, I must stop be here next time I am in Pembrokeshire.

  2. Bett

    I have heard about this place but have never been even though I have been in the area. It’s nice to see beaches in all their moods, and not just the sunny beach kind of photo.

  3. Xavier

    Will be near this area soon, would love to see this.

  4. Eileen

    I love secluded beaches, this looks great.

  5. Aimee Martinez

    I wanted to thank you. We were looking for somewhere to go on our next holiday and this is just the best so thanks!!!

  6. Great

    Lovely pictures. I wish I could live there.

  7. Mick Decten

    The colour of the water is very inviting.

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